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ASEPTA Laboratoires Monaco - Quality | Research | Innovation - for Your Health & Beauty

founded 1943 by Paul Lacroix and Henri Mas in order to meet the requirements of Monte-Carlo’s Casino croupiers who complained about hurting feet. AKILEINE foot cream is the start of the laboratory’s history ... Read more >>

What makes ASEPTA BRANDS unique?
High concentration in natural active ingredients and exclusive patented formulations ... Read more >>

ECRINAL with ANP2+ anti hairloss care

Foot Care Solutions - Happy Feet - from LABORATOIRES ASEPTA MONACO ... The Expert in Foot Care Since 1943!


AKILEINE RED LINE To Refresh and Soothe – To Relax and Relieve …cools, moisturizes, immediate tonic effect.

> hot,tired feet


AKILEINE BLUE LINE To Exfoliate and Smooth – To Moisture and Repair …hydrates, protects, repairs, softens.

> dry, rough, sensitive feet


AKILEINE GREEN LINE To Regulate, Refresh and Deodorize …regulates perspiration, neutralizes odor.

> wet, smelly feet

AKILEINE PHYTO for swollen painful legs

AKILEINE PHYTO To Drain, Moisturize, Improve Micro-Circulation ... Immediate soothing & relaxing effect

> heavy, swollen, painful legs

Healthy Natural Fingernails and Toenails with ECRINAL ANP2+ - strengthening, nourishing, healthy growth promoting active ingredients

Nail Beauty

Maintain your nail beauty and youthful strength with ECRINAL...

>Nail Beauty

Soft, Splitting Nails

Strengthen, repair, protect and restructure deficient nails...

>Soft, Splitting Nails

Fragile, Brittle Nails

Complete Nail Care - for efficient professional & safe home use...

>Fragile, Brittle Nails

Yellow, Ridged Nails

Smooth and correct uneven nails... hydrate, nourish and protect...

>Yellow, Ridged Nails