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List of products by brands CICALEINE

Cicaleine extensive care for cracked skin and fissures

NEW SIZE 75 ml FAST & EFFECTIVE REPAIRING & PROTECTION ACTION, RESTRUCTURING CARE FOR PLANTAR HYPER KERATOSIS, FISSURES & CRACKED SKIN ON HEELS & HANDS SUITABLE FOR DIABETIC  (NO OPEN WOUND) SKIN CARE. Dermo-Adjuvant, helps the healing process. Fights hyperkeratosis, moisturizes and protects. Immediate effect: skin is moisturized from the first application (64%) and feels considerably more comfortable. After 7 days: the number and depth of cracks is significantly less and there is a perceptible soothing effect. After 14 days: optimum results are obtained: the skin regains...

$ 20.75
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