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heavy, swollen, painful legs AKILEINE PHYTO

AKILEINE PHYTO Drain, moisturize, improve micro-circulation ... IMMEDIATE SOOTHING & RELAXING EFFECT

AKILEINE PHYTO for heavy legs

Heavy painful legs, swollen ankles, bad circulation ... NO MORE!

®AKILEINE PHYTO products drain, soothe and improve micro-circulation while refreshing and moisturizing the skin.

PHYTOSPRAY - INSTANT FRESHNESS ON THE GO! Easy to use, even through stockings or tights.

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TONING – DRAINING, IMMEDIATE SOOTHING AND RELAXING EFFECT Brings immediate relief and a pleasant, intense sensation of freshness  to tired heavy legs. Improves micro-circulation while moisturizing the skin. Recommended before air travel.

$ 23.92

CRYO-DRAINING, INTENSE AND REVIVING FRESHNESS Immediate relief and pleasant sensation off reshness. Facilitates draining. Can be applied through tights and stockings. Recommended alongside wearing support tights. Very fresh scent.

$ 20.80
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