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Bitten Nails, Finger Chewing

Stop nail biting and finger chewing - High concentration in Bitrex (bitter solution) and Provitamin B5 - tested under pediatric control

ECRINAL for bitten, chewed nails

Stop nail biting and finger chewing - strengthen, repair, protect and restructure deficient nails.

Not for children under 3 years old.

ECRINAL ANP2+ High concentration in Bitrex (bitter solution) and Provitamin B5 - tested under pediatric control. Prevents nail and cuticle biting (leading to risk of infections). Makes nail re-growth easier.

STOP FINGERNAIL BITING AND FINGER CHEWING (Enhanced Formula with Bitrex and Provitamin B5) Extremely bitter tasting, it helps prevent biting of nails and cuticles (leading to unsightly nails and risk of infections). NO RISK of ADDICTION - This totally invisible polish also makes the re-growth easy.Helps children avoid thumbsucking (Not for children under 30 month). Tested under pediatric control, very good skin tolerance. GUARANTEED PARABEN FREE, FORMALDEHYDE FREE, TOLUENE FREE & ACETONE FREE FORMULA - a safe, natural and healthy alternative with fast results

$ 14.00

AGAINST FRAGILE, BRITTLE, SPLIT, RIDGED, BITTEN NAILS , DAMAGED NAILS  - WITH A.N.P.® NOURISCHES AND STIMULATES GROWTH - IMMEDIATE MOISTURIZING EFFECT - THE NAIL IS SUPPLE, THE CONTOUR IS HYDRATED. Enhances the nails suppleness and resistance. Naturally stimulates growth for stronger nails. Improves (by 112%) quality of new growth after 1 month’s use. Its innovative formula is also enriched with silk lipesters which protect the nail from fungal and microbial attacks ensuring a healthy and strong re-growth. Vectorized and reinforced formula: continuous spread of nutrient active ingredients.

$ 19.38

SOFTENS, MOISTURIZES AND REMOVES CUTICLES With Rice Bran and Grape Seed Oils.  Thanks to its mild formula and to its powerful moisturizing power, this gel helps to remove cuticles without damaging the nail and its contour.   Makes the nail healthier and neat looking.  Alkaline-free formula.

$ 18.94
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