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Mature Skin, Brown Spots - White Resolution HÉLIXIENCE

HÉLIXIENCE WHITE RESOLUTION … smooth wrinkles, anti-ageing & anti-brown spots skin care program


COSMETIC INNOVATION - WHITESPHERE™ PREMIUM - Skin Brightening Complex... Prevent or Correct Pigmentation Problems

In order to effectively and efficiently fight dark spots and prevent their appearance, this brightening complex associates 3 anti-brown spot ingredients with complementary properties that are micro-encapsulated in Spherulites® in order to protect and lead the active ingredients directly to the targeted zone: the melanocyte.
Skin ageing, sun exposure, hormonal factors and the use of photo-sensitizing substances are the most common causes of high melanin production resulting in the appearance of brown spots. These brown spots are particularly visible on all skin areas exposed to the sun and increase with ageing.


Clinical Studies, Product Catalog & More Information - available in the DOWNLOAD section of each product!

ANTI-BROWN SPOTS & ANTI-AGEING CREAM | THIS FACIAL CARE CREAM EFFECTIVELY FIGHTS THE SIGNS OF AGEING (LACK OF FIRMNESS, BROWN SPOTS, WRINKLES) It prevents and corrects hyper pigmentation problems thanks to the “WhitesphereTM Premium” brightening complex. It also contains Iparzine-4A®, a patented ingredient to protect the main constituents of the derma from ageing and a plant complex rich in essential fatty acids to ensure hydration and suppleness all day long. Corrects all signs of ageing : brown spots, loss of firmness, wrinkles Moisturizes the skin and prevents loss of elasticity...

$ 51.00

THIS OUTSTANDING FORMULA RESTORES A RADIANT SKIN AND FIGHTS SIGNIFICANTLY THE SIGNS OF AGEING (WRINKLES, LACK OF FIRMNESS, BROWN SPOTS). SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Thanks to the “WHITESPHERETM PREMIUM” brightening complex and a Bearberry extract, this serum helps reduce brown spots and get a fairer complexion. A complex of Macadamia & Rice Bran oils combined with Imperata Cylindrica offers maximum hydration. Seven anti-ageing active ingredients with complementary properties restore the firmness and the density of the skin.  PERFECTLY MOISTURIZED AND PROTECTED, THE SKIN LOOKS YOUNGER,...

$ 47.00

CLEARING TREATMENT WITH VITAMIN C & MULBERRY – THANKS TO THE ASSOCIATION OF UNIQUE ANTI-AGEING AND ANTI-BROWN SPOT PLANT EXTRACTS, THIS EXPRESS TREATMENT RESTORES A BEAUTIFUL AND GLOWING COMPLEXION IN ONLY 10 MINUTES. Visible Results from the 1st Treatment! Inhibits the formation of melanin.  Fights free radicals.  Restores a beautiful and glowing complexion in only 10 minutes

$ 11.00

A UNIQUE DELICATE, LIGHT AND NON GREASY FORMULA THAT MELTS INTO THE SKIN; PROVIDES LONG LASTING HYDRATION AND FIGHTS AGAINST THE SIGNS OF AGEING (BROWN SPOTS, LACK OF FIRMNESS). Highly concentrated with moisturizing, protective and repairing active ingredients (pure silk extract, plant glycerin), this body milk leaves the skin supple, silky soft and soothes the itchiness from the very first application. It contains a brightening micro-encapsulated complex that lightens the complexion and prevents the appearance of brown spots. Enriched with rice bran oil, it protects the skin elasticity....

$ 51.00

Erases the visible signs of skin ageing, smooth out wrinkles and brighten the complexion, fights against loss of skin elasticity, firmness and dark spots! IMMEDIATE RE-PLUMPING EFFECT

$ 425.00
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